Lori R. Evans, Supervisor

General Assistance & Emergency Assistance Available


Clintonia Township Website

    Due to COVID-19 pandemic, I am trying to do applications via email, the mail, and by telephone.  You MUST be wearing a mask and adhere to social distancing.  We do have masks available if you do not have one.
Please call 217-935-2506 X-101 to leave a message and I, the Supervisor, will call you back within 2 days for you to send in an application and discuss your situation on the phone. Thank you for your cooperation and remember we are still here to help distribute General Assistance Funds.
Call Community Action at 935-2455 for information on Energy Assistance. 
Applications do have to be completed to apply for Township Assistance.  They are available from the link above, in the office during regular business hours, or you may call for one to be mailed to you.
You must live in Clintonia Township to receive help.
Call to schedule an appointment at 217-935-2506.
An interview will be conducted with the applicant.  Additional verifications will most likely be requested and ten days are given to return those verifications.  At that time, a determination of eligibility will be completed and a letter of that determination will be mailed to you. General Assistance will be determined first, which is required by law.  If your income is above that program, Emergency Assistance will be determined as long as funding allows for this program.
Thirty days are allowed for the application to be completed by the Supervisor but is normally completed much sooner.